Mission Statement

VIP SECURITY & EVENT SAFETY’S mission is to partner our clients and provide them with the best security services possible to complement their business activities. after all when their business succeeds our business succeeds. We aim to offer a quality service that allows our customers to concentrate on their core activities of the business, leaving the concern for the safety and security of their staff, premises and customers to us.

VIP SECURITY & EVENT SAFETY’S customers are generally nationwide Retail Multiples and Major Events Providers. They are strong communicators and responsive customer service providers, and we aim to match step for step as we provide them with top quality security guards, door supervisors or even close protection operatives, always equalling or exceeding recognised industry best practices and standards. We will also be agile in our thinking and bring bespoke solutions to the challenges faced by our customers

VIP SECURITY & EVENT SAFETY will always seek to employ people who are passionately determined to provide great customer service. We employ them along principles of fairness, impartiality and equal opportunity and make a strong commitment to them to ensure a safe working environment where they can be rewarded according to their contribution to our success.

VIP SECURITY & EVENT SAFETY will ensure its values of honesty, integrity and professionalism are always reflected in its service whilst being productive and profitable to secure not only the futures of our employees and our customers but also the safety and security of our customers' customers.